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Poll: Obesity Care Now reveals new Morning Consult polling on obesity
Nov 19, 2021
by Obesity Care Now

On Friday, November 19th at 10 AM Eastern, the Obesity Care Now campaign will host an event to unveil results of a new poll conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of OCAN on obesity in America.

The following experts will give remarks on the results and be available for questions:

  • Joe Nadglowski and Hannah Martin, co-chairs, Obesity Care Advocacy Network
  • Dr. Fatima Stanford, obesity medicine physician, scientist, educator, and policy maker, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

The new data reveals insights on the status of the obesity epidemic in the U.S., public opinion on how the federal government should address the growing public health and health equity crisis, and whether people believe federal health programs like Medicare are updated regularly enough to reflect scientific advancements and medical consensus around obesity and to address racial disparities in health care.

OCAN co-chairs Joe Nadglowski and Hannah Martin will also share updates on the nationwide campaign, Obesity Care Now, an effort by leading medical and health equity advocates to educate people about the dangers of obesity and urge leaders on Capitol Hill and in the Administration to provide access to lifesaving obesity care now by passing the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA).

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