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Webinar: "A Closer Look at the Impact of Obesity Throughout One's Lifetime"
May 24, 2021

OCAN Summer Webinar Series - Webinar #1:

A Closer Look at the Impact of Obesity Throughout One's Lifetime

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On Monday, May 24 at 2:00 PM Eastern, please join the Obesity Care Advocacy Network to learn about how obesity can impact individuals throughout their lifetime, featuring medical experts in pediatric, adult and gerontological obesity.

As the first of a three-part summer webinar series, this event sets the stage for later webinars by exploring what science tells us about this chronic disease, why so many people face barriers attaining proper obesity care and treatment, the disproportionate impact of obesity on communities of color, and the relationship between COVID-19 and obesity. Learn how you can take action on this issue today, and join us for future webinars in the series for a deeper dive on solutions to address obesity.

The event features a discussion with:

  • Heather Hodge, MEd - Senior Director, Community Health, YMCA
  • Ricardo Correa, MD, EdD, FACP, FACE, FAPCR, FACMQ - Program Director, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Fellowship at University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix
  • Kathryn Starr, PhD - Research Health Scientist, Durham VA Medical Center and Assistant Professor, Duke University School of Medicine

Moderated by:

  • Joseph Nadglowski - President and CEO, Obesity Action Coalition, and OCAN Co-Chair