About OCAN

Meeting the Challenge: The Obesity Care Advocacy Network

The Obesity Care Advocacy Network (OCAN) is a diverse group of organizations that have come together with the purpose of changing how we perceive and approach the problem of obesity in this nation.

In seeking to grow the Network, participants may include: Medical, Science and Advocacy Organizations committed to addressing obesity issues, education, and advocacy, including obesity-related disease organizations, patient organizations, and other groups/companies committed to chronic weight management and comprehensive obesity care.

The vision of the Network is: To influence change in the US health care system to urge policymakers to recognize that obesity is a complex chronic disease that deserves to be treated seriously in the same fashion as other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer. People affected by obesity require access to the same medically necessary and covered treatment avenues afforded to all others who suffer from chronic disease.

The mission of the Network is: To unite and align key obesity stakeholders and the larger obesity community around key obesity-related education, policy and legislative efforts in order to elevate obesity on the national agenda.

The primary goals of the Network are: To prevent disease progression, improve access to evidence-based treatments for obesity, improve standards of quality care in obesity management, to eliminate weight bias, and to foster innovation in future obesity treatments.